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our focus

That precious moment of calm when the river is perfectly still,
reflecting the trees and the sky…

Myall River Camp is an eco-friendly, off-grid escape for families and friends looking to reconnect with one another – and with nature. Our inspiration is the Camp’s pristine riverside and bush setting, with more than 60 per cent of the property a dedicated conservation area – a living, breathing forest.

We take pride in harnessing the powers of the elements to run this green haven so that you can relax and unwind in good conscience. We are continually looking at ways to further our sustainability so that when you holiday with us, you are giving the planet a break too.

energy from the sun

The Sun provides solar energy to our camp office, tiny houses and glamping tents.The glamping tent enclave has a purpose-built solar hub with battery bank. It powers LED lights, fridges, low voltage fans, charging ports, water filters and pumps.

Our campers are also avid adopters of solar technology!

harnessing the wind

The Wind helps us to regulate the temperature in the tiny homes and glamping tents. The tents have multiple layers of canvas flaps and netting which can be opened, to circulate breezes, or closed, to retain warmth.

saving water

Our state-of-the-art composting toilets in our tiny homes and glamping tents are odour-free and save thousands of litres of water each year.

eco-friendly products

We use toiletries in bulk and use refillable containers to cut down on plastic packaging and waste. In the glamping tents and tiny houses we provide all-natural toiletries from the Dindi Natural range. They are produced with rare native botanicals and pure essential oils. Environmentally sensitive cleaning products are used.

recycle and reuse

Our tiny houses were built using recycled materials. They illustrate how we can resuse building materials to minimise landfill. Pre-loved items were used to decorate and furnish the tinies, such as spoons for handles. Local recycled timber was used to make outdoor furniture.

Our glamping tents feature furniture and joinery from reclaimed timber. Old wares were used to decorate and show the charm in resuse.

a light footprint

Our moveable tents, purposely sitting on skids, are designed to have a light eco-footprint. Similarily our off-grid tiny homes are on wheels and their decks are also moveable.

When you holiday with us you are helping support our small, regional business and local community

We hope you love this pocket of nature as much as we do.

The Myall River Camp team