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Myall River Camp is committed to continually improving accessibility to meet the diverse needs of all nature lovers interested in experiencing our off-grid campground.

travel planning

We provide multiple options to facilitate bookings for people with access needs, including phone, email, website and social media messaging.

If you’d prefer to speak with someone over the phone or in writing, please call our friendly staff on 0409 836 828 or email 

Our website provides detail on how to reach our Camp and signposting is provided as you approach.

customer service

We take pride in providing a welcoming environment and respect the individual needs of our guests.

Our website facilitates digital accessibility with alt text to aid screen-reading tools. Clear signage is provided in the property to highlight prominent features of the Camp to all guests.

We appreciate feedback on how we can improve everyone’s experience.

physical accessibility


Campsites: Guests are sent a pre-arrival email with a boomgate code. This code is used to enter the Camp, without the need to leave your vehicle.

Glamping Tents & Tiny Houses: Guests are also sent a pre-arrival email with a boomgate code. Their keys are available at the accommodation. The flaps of the Glamping Tents are specially opened for easy access on arrival.


The roads and paths around the Camp are made of compacted gravel. They are suitable for most sturdy wheelchairs, walkers and prams. Our well-maintained grassed areas are also suitable.


Campsites: Parking is on level, grassy campsites adjacent to Camp set-up.

Tiny Houses: Parking is alongside the houses

Glamping Tents: Parking is directly behind Tents in an allocated parking area.
There is level grassy access to the Tents. With pre-arrangement cars can
drive closer to the tents.


There is an accessible ramp to the Campground’s eco-toilets.


There are three steps up to each of the Glamping Tents and once inside, the Tents are all one level. The Glamping Tents have charging ports that allow charging of devices such as insulin pumps for diabetics. Users of CPAP machines are welcome to have their unit charged at the Camp office during office hours.


There are three steps up to each of the Tiny Houses and once inside, the Tinies are all one level, with space at a minimum.

Myall River Camp is conducting a formal access audit to formulate strategies for accessibility improvements with short, medium and long-term goals.

The Myall River Camp team